On hosting brunch

Deb of SmittenKitchen has a wonderful post about how to cook brunch and still sleep in. This is inspired by her.

The menu:
The night before:

Prep french toast and stick it in the fridge. Make the tart dough.

The morning of:

Make crostata and put it in oven. While it is baking, start prepping some of the easier things (cut grapefruit and put in in fridge. When it is around 15 minutes to the end of the crostata's bake time, make the muffins. Bake the muffins. While they are baking, prepare the kale frittata. When the muffins come out, put the kale frittata in for a few minutes to finish the top. While it is in the oven, cut up the potatoes. Take the frittata out and put the french toast in. Make the berry sauce (frozen berries cooked down with sugar to taste), potatoes (cut up potatoes and fry them lightly in olive oil with rosemary and sea salt) and sausages on the stove while the french toast is in the oven (time it to come out of the oven right before people come over). Make the coffee.

Whenever you have a spare minute, work in time for setting up.

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